About Us

SOLMED is a private company that offers consultancy, solution implementation and supply of the latest products for the healthcare sector in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission!

SOLMED’s mission is to uplift to a premium level the healthcare services. This mission serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Since its founding, in 2008, SOLMED has redefined healthcare services. We remained true to our original belief and expanded our purview to establish SOLMED as the benchmark provider of high quality consultancy services.

Our People!

SOLMED’s people share a set of values and a culture of support, trust and respect.

We believe that the long term success of our company is directly dependent on our members; this is why we continuously invest in improving their skills, performance and motivation.

Our Values

We achieve goals while adhering to our values!

SOLMED is in constant pursuit of excellence. We conduct ourselves with integrity and adhere to high ethical standards. We recognize high levels of partnership and mutual dependency in our team and with our clients. Everything we do is characterized by veracity, innovation, expertise and high quality.

Our products and services are best in class!

SOLMED changed the competitive landscape through working with our clients on their most challenging needs and outperforming competition in terms of quality, timeliness and efficiency of our products and services. We are at the vanguard of our profession in the skills and expertise we offer.

We strive to deliver distinctive and lasting client impact!

We anticipate our clients’ needs and strive persistently to achieve their goals while focusing on superior performance to exceed their expectations because we are dedicated to the excellence of our customers.