Solmed has continually broken new ground in providing consultancy services.

At Solmed, we believe time is of the essence and our company brings a history of success in planning, preparing and achieving accreditation.

We bring value in managing teams, coordinating between departments and conducting testing prior to the actual survey. We work closely with all members to implement agreed upon recommendations and train staff on how to bring the organization up to the standard required by the accreditation body.

Latest projects are:

  • Lebanese Ophthalmic Hospital
  • Beirut Eye specialist hospital

IT solutions

Solmed designed, installed and maintained an innovative data and patient management system . Deployment of the solution was followed by a training to help the users easily shift from the use of chaotic paper records to organized, fast and secure electronically stored records.

  • Dar Ouyoun is the first privately owned hospital in Syria to adopt a hospital information system and electronic medical records in ophthalmology practices.
  • Mouwasat Hospital is the first teaching public hospital in Syria to deploy an EMR system for the ophthalmic practice and secure a proper data transmission speed within the local area network  by adopting a fiber optic linkage.
  • Hamra Eye Center is a private eye diagnostic center that adopted Eyesoul OS Solmed’s electronic medical records.

Business planning and implementation

  • Allergy and Asthma Center: Financial feasibility study and project evaluation for the establishment of an allergy and asthma center in Erbil-Iraq. The study was based on a market analysis conducted by SOLMED.
  • A  Lebanese Sleep Center: A study based on an analysis of the market place and dynamics and evaluation of resources for the launching of a Lebanese sleep center in Erbil-Iraq.

Latest Projects 

Beirut Eye Specialist Hospital

Clinique Dr. Karl Karam

Hamra Eye Center